An initial consultation lasts for about one and a half hours with follow up appointments taking up to one hour. I will ask you questions about your state of health and any factors in your life that maybe contributing to this.  One or more follow up appointments are needed to see how the response to the treatment is going and to assess whether an additional remedy is needed.  The number of consultations varies from patient to patient but as a guide on average I have seen patients for 2 to 4 consultations in the past.  Appointments are usually made about 4 weeks apart.  Appointment times are evenings only.

Cost of treatment

Adults Initial consultation £65
Adults Follow up appointments £55
Children (under 16) Initial consultation £50
Children (under 16) Follow up appointments £40
Infant (under 1) All appointments £35
Brief telephone appointment for acute illness £25


Fees include the remedies prescribed. Further repeat prescriptions without an appointment are charged at £12. Payment can be made by cash or cheque at the time of the appointment.