Claire Snook, B.Sc. (Hons), DSH, MARH

1930422_23974273033_2167_nI have a general interest in various forms of medicine and have worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for many years since graduating with a degree in Chemistry. My passion for homeopathy started when I sought treatment for myself as an alternative to the prescribed medication that my GP had selected to deal with labyrinthitis (an inner ear problem causing severe dizziness).  The medication itself had side effects that I just didn’t think my body needed to deal with.  Homeopathy provided an alternative, gentler treatment.

After discovering these benefits I studied at the School of Homeopathy and today I combine my interests in both traditional Pharmaceutical Medicine and Homeopathy by bringing my experience and knowledge of drug development and manufacture into my homeopathic practice with the aim of understanding and working with ongoing medical treatment. I have a keen interest in patients that have been on long term medication and also those that are suffering from side effects.

My approach is to gain an understanding of you as an individual so that we can work together to enable a higher quality of general health.